About my work

Within creating objects humans engrave a skill that offers a solution to a problem. In my process as maker, I am interested in four aspects of collecting and assembling objects: the systematic origin, the utilitarian benefit, the excess production , and the fluidity it possesses to be malleable.

I gather these ideas from living in a consumerist society that owns an overflowing amount of possessions. Coming from an inclination to collect things, I am always paying attention to what is disregarded. Observing a phenomenon that is the migration from being a functional object to a useless one. Despite the removal of value, I find fascination towards the plasticity of these now reclaimed materials. I create a lab of endless possibilities with these ingredients. A playground where bending, cutting, and fusing things that didn’t belong to each other can now be under the same roof, a home, where they can now have a new purpose.

In my work I fantasize I can carry an archive of research, and do a small amount of objects that weigh less than what they really mean. I want to cautiously make objects to protest against our reality while carying a sense of humor in the process.

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